March 26, 2018


Tell your Senator to reject attacks on workers in Missouri and vote NO!

on paycheck deception and repealing prevailing wage!

Recently the House passed two bills that would harm hard-working Missourians.  HB 1413 would require most public sector unions to get annual reauthorization from members to use paycheck withholding to collect their dues and other fees, also known as “paycheck deception”, and House Committee Substitute for HB 1729, HB 1621, HB 1436 would eliminate the requirement that contractors and subcontractors on public projects pay employees the prevailing wage where the project is being completed and instead require workers to be paid the state or federal minimum wage whichever is higher.

Indivisible MO opposes HB 1413 paycheck deception and House Committee Substitute...

March 19, 2018

For Missouri Mondays this week, we’re highlighting a few bills in the Missouri House and Senate to prepare you for “springing” into action when the legislature returns from break!

HB 1443 - Sponsor: Eggleston. J. (002)

Prohibits temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) benefit cards from being used at ATMs or to access cash, and limits the items that may be purchased with TANF benefits

Last House Action:  03/15/18 - Passed the House and on to the Senate (First Read)

Indivisible Missouri opposes HB 1443 because:

  • HB 1443 punishes children for the actions of their parents by taking away (TANF) benefits.  Under HB 1443, an individual who purchases a prohibited item or makes a purchase in a prohibited establishment using TANF funds could lose TANF benefits for a period of two years. TANF funds help families in poverty pay for essential living expenses. Children should not have to suffer the traumatic consequences of losing this necessary benefit due to a parent’s ill-considered action.


March 11, 2018

Over 900,000 Missourians were living in poverty in 2016 and nearly 290,000 are children. Two bills in the House HB 1443 and HB 1486 would punish these Missouri children who have no control over their circumstances. HB 1486 would cut off SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) food benefits as a penalty for failing to meet federal work requirements.  HB 1486 takes away TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) benefits as a punishment for a prohibited SNAP or TANF purchase.

Indivisible Missouri opposes HB 1486 and HB 1443 because:

  • HB 1486 punishes those who fail to meet federal SNAP work requirements by cutting off food benefits even if they are the head of household.  For families living in extreme poverty meeting these requirements can be incredibly difficult if...

March 4, 2018

SB 578 prevents some employees who have experienced harassment, discrimination, or labor abuses from having their cases heard in public court by locking them into arbitration. In arbitration, a private, third party is paid to settle the dispute, but plaintiffs have fewer rights or abilities to gather evidence. The settlement and all charges and evidence are often kept secret in forced arbitration cases, allowing harassers to move on with minimal consequences and no exposure of their misdeeds.  

Indivisible Missouri opposes SB 578 because:

  • It silences victims and lessens the chances they will come forward. Often times victims more willing to come forward when they know they are not alone but stay silent if they believe it only happened to them, as evidenced by the enormous response to th...

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