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Tell your State legislators to take a stand! Greitens must resign or be impeached!

For this week’s Missouri Mondays, Indivisible MO asks that you write or call your State Senator and Representative and tell them to demand the Governor's immediate resignation and if he refuses begin impeachment!

On April 11, the Missouri House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight released its report on their investigation into allegations of the Governor’s misconduct. According to the sworn testimony of subpoenaed witnesses before the committee, Governor Greitens committed non-consensual sexual acts and invaded a woman’s privacy by taking a nude photo of her without her consent while she was blindfolded and her hands were bound and then Greitens threatened to distribute the photo if she ever told anyone about their affair. The woman’s testimony contained many other disturbing details including that Greitens struck her on some occasions. The committee of 5 Republicans and 2 Democrats found the woman to be a credible witness. Governor Greitens was also invited to testify under oath before the committee but has so far declined. This committee plans to release a second report soon regarding their investigation into possible misuse of Greitens’ charity donor list by his 2016 gubernatorial campaign in violation of Federal law. The Governor’s trial begins in St. Louis in May for his grand jury indictment on first-degree felony invasion of privacy charges.

Indivisible MO demands Governor Greitens’ resignation because:

  • Abusive behavior by any elected official should not be tolerated, and especially when it’s the Governor! The allegations against Governor Greitens are shocking and disgraceful. We should expect nothing less than good moral character, honesty, and integrity from all of our elected officials and especially from our Governor. The people of Missouri should not have to accept a Governor who is under felony indictment for revenge porn blackmail threats and also under investigation for other alleged illegal activities. Governor Greitens has brought shame and embarrassment both to the office of governor and to the great state of Missouri.

  • The Governor’s legal matters are distracting our elected officials from doing the job they were sent to Jefferson City to fulfill. Our state faces many serious problems including our budget shortfall, funding for public education, repairing our roads and infrastructure, taking care of our seniors, and many other critical needs and there’s not much time left in the Session. Until the Governor resigns or is impeached, our legislators will be distracted from addressing these important issues facing our state.

  • Both Democrats and Republicans alike are calling for the Governor’s resignation. Legislators calling on Greitens to resign include: Kevin Kehoe (Senate Majority Leader), Gina Walsh (Senate Minority Leader), and Gail McCann Beatty (House Minority Floor Leader), Attorney General Josh Hawley, State Auditor Nicole Galloway, and Senator Claire McCaskill. Even a top Greitens donor, David Humphreys, has also called for his resignation.

  • Greitens values his own constitutional protections over those of all Missourians. The Governor asked to delay the release of the House committee’s report until after his day in court at his upcoming trial, yet would deny the right to a jury trial to other Missourians. Last year Governor Greitens signed SB 43 into law, which made it easier for employers to discriminate against their employees and weakened Missouri’s human rights laws. This year another bill, SB 578, would give employers the right to force employees into secret arbitration, denying them the right to a jury trial and hiding discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace. We deserve a leader who will fight for constitutional protections for all Missourians and not just for themselves when it’s convenient.

Sample Call Script:

“Hi, my name is __________, I'm a constituent from ___________, and I am calling to ask Representative/Senator ________to demand the governor’s resignation because _____________.”


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HB 1383 threatens the health and safety of pregnant teens. Tell your representative to vote NO!

You can write a letter to your state Representative here:

HB 1383 requires the consenting parent or guardian of a minor seeking an abortion to notify any other custodial parent or guardian in writing before the physician secures the informed written consent of the minor and consenting parent or guardian.

Indivisible MO opposes HB 1383 because:

  • Requires two-parent notification in writing prior to abortion for patients under the age of 18. Not all teenagers have relationships with both parents, no law should mandate they communicate with them, especially for those who face dangerous abuse or neglect at the hands of a parent.

  • Major medical groups oppose such a requirement. The American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Public Health Association all oppose this consent requirement because research shows that bills like this do not foster parental involvement or healthy communication.

  • This bill could cause medical care to be delayed. Not all teens have two parents or guardians who make them feel safe talking about a pregnancy. An abusive parent could frighten a teen into taking unsafe measures or delaying important medical care.

Sample Call Script:

“Hi, my name is __________, I'm a constituent from ___________, and I am calling to ask Representative ________to vote NO on HB 1383 because _____________.”


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Tell your Representative to restore MO Rx for over 60,000 Missourians!

Over 60,000 Missouri senior citizens lost a crucial state prescription drug benefit known as MO Rx when the legislature allowed the program to expire in July of 2017. However, in a nearly unanimous vote of 30-1 last week, the Senate passed SB 563 that would restore MO Rx assistance for low-income seniors with incomes between 85% and 185% of the federal poverty level.

Indivisible MO supports SB 563 because:

  • The MO Rx program provides low-income seniors with 50% of the cost of their prescriptions.Without this assistance they have been faced with double the cost for their medications and perhaps having to go without them in order to pay for other necessities like groceries or utilities.

  • Cuts to MO Rx funding left some of Missouri’s most vulnerable seniors scrambling to come up with the extra costs of medications they depend on to function with only two weeks notice. This impacted seniors with incomes just above the cutoff of 85% of federal poverty level or $10,000 per year. Many of these seniors, who are on a fixed income, were unable to make up the additional costs for their medications without this program.

  • Balancing the state budget by taking prescription benefits from low-income seniors in order to continue tax giveaways for wealthy corporations is unacceptable. Low-income seniors in Missouri shouldn’t have to go without medicine that they depend on to live so that wealthy corporations can pay less in taxes.

Sample Call Script:

“Hi, my name is __________, I'm a constituent from ___________, and I am calling to ask Representative ________to vote YES for SB 563 restoring MO Rx benefits for 60,000 seniors because _____________.”


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