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Tell your State legislators to take a stand! Greitens must resign or be impeached!

For this week’s Missouri Mondays, Indivisible MO asks that you write or call your State Senator and Representative and tell them to demand the Governor's immediate resignation and if he refuses begin impeachment!

On April 11, the Missouri House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight released its report on their investigation into allegations of the Governor’s misconduct. According to the sworn testimony of subpoenaed witnesses before the committee, Governor Greitens committed non-consensual sexual acts and invaded a woman’s privacy by taking a nude photo of her without her consent while she was blindfolded and her hands were bound and then Greitens threatened to distribute the photo if she ever told anyone about their affair. The woman’s testimony contained many other disturbing details including that Greitens struck her on some occasions. The committee of 5 Republicans and 2 Democrats found the woman to be a credible witness. Governor Greitens was also invited to testify under oath before the committee but has so far declined. This committee plans to release a second report soon regarding their investigation into possible misuse of Greitens’ charity donor list by his 2016 gubernatorial campaign in violation of Federal law. The Governor’s trial begins in St. Louis in May for his grand jury indictment on first-degree felony invasion of privacy charges.

Indivisible MO demands Governor Greitens’ resignation because:

  • Abusive behavior by any elected official should not be tolerated, and especially when it’s the Governor! The allegations against Governor Greitens are shocking and disgraceful. We should expect nothing less than good moral character, honesty, and integrity from all of our elected officials and especially from our Governor. The people of Missouri should not have to accept a Governor who is under felony indictment for revenge porn blackmail threats and also under investigation for other alleged illegal activities. Governor Greitens has brought shame and embarrassment both to the office of governor and to the great state of Missouri.

  • The Governor’s legal matters are distracting our elected officials from doing the job they were sent to Jefferson City to fulfill. Our state faces many serious problems including our budget shortfall, funding for public education, repairing our roads and infrastructure, taking care of our seniors, and many other critical needs and there’s not much time left in the Session. Until the Governor resigns or is impeached, our legislators will be distracted from addressing these important issues facing our state.

  • Both Democrats and Republicans alike are calling for the Governor’s resignation. Legislators calling on Greitens to resign include: Kevin Kehoe (Senate Majority Leader), Gina Walsh (Senate Minority Leader), and Gail McCann Beatty (House Minority Floor Leader), Attorney General Josh Hawley, State Auditor Nicole Galloway, and Senator Claire McCaskill. Even a top Greitens donor, David Humphreys, has also called for his resignation.

  • Greitens values his own constitutional protections over those of all Missourians. The Governor asked to delay the release of the House committee’s report until after his day in court at his upcoming trial, yet would deny the right to a jury trial to other Missourians. Last year Governor Greitens signed SB 43 into law, which made it easier for employers to discriminate against their employees and weakened Missouri’s human rights laws. This year another bill, SB 578, would give employers the right to force employees into secret arbitration, denying them the right to a jury trial and hiding discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace. We deserve a leader who will fight for constitutional protections for all Missourians and not just for themselves when it’s convenient.

Sample Call Script:

“Hi, my name is __________, I'm a constituent from ___________, and I am calling to ask Representative/Senator ________to demand the governor’s resignation because _____________.”


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Call and write your Missouri State Legislators and ask them to speak out against the recent allegations involving Governor Greitens!

  • Click HERE to write an email to your legislator and ask that they issue a public statement condemning the action the Governor is alleged to have committed and supporting thorough investigations.

It’s been a rocky start for the 2018 MO Legislative session and we are only two weeks in. Governor Greitens ran a campaign based on family values, but this past week an investigation by KMOV TV in St. Louis revealed that Greitens had an extra-marital affair in 2015. The story additionally exposed disturbing allegations made by the woman involved in the affair on a recording, that her ex-husband made secretly and released without her permission, where she alleges that Greitens took a nude photo of her while he had her blindfolded and her hands taped to exercise equipment in his family home. She alleges on the recording that he threatened to release this photo if she ever mentioned his name. Greitens has admitted he had the affair but denies the blackmail claims. The woman on the recordings has not publicly come forward and has asked for privacy through her attorney.

Attorney General Hawley’s office said he lacks jurisdiction for investigating the blackmail allegations, that it must be done by the prosecutor “in the place where the conduct occurred”. On January 11, Kim Gardner, a St. Louis Circuit Attorney, announced that she will open the investigation.

The Governor and his staff are already under investigation by the Attorney General’s office to determine whether public records were illegally destroyed in order to circumvent Missouri Sunshine Laws by their use of the Confide app, which destroys text messages leaving no trace after they are read by the recipient. A statement released by AG Hawley’s office stated that the Governor’s staff has not been fully cooperating with the investigation.

As your constituent I need you to speak out against the recent allegations involving Governor Greitens because:

  • No one is above the law including the Governor. Lawmakers must insist a complete investigation of blackmail allegations by the St. Louis Circuit Attorney and if the allegations are found to be true, then the Governor must resign immediately or face impeachment. They also must insist that Attorney General Hawley complete a thorough investigation of the use of Confide by the Governor and his senior staff.

  • Greitens’ deception and secrecy has eroded the public trust and damaged his relationship with many legislators on both sides of the aisle. We deserve better and we must demand it of our elected officials. The allegations against Greitens are all the more believable because they follow an established pattern of deceptive behavior. Since taking office in 2016 he has mastered the art of governing with secrecy, everything from refusing to disclose the sources of his inauguration funding, to hiding who pays for his private jet travel for official state business, to questions surrounding his political fundraising and links to his dark money private non-profit, the use of text destroying Confide app by the Governor and his senior staff, and now the disturbing blackmail allegations disclosed in a recording of the woman with whom he had an extra-marital affair.

  • Distractions stop our elected officials from doing the job they were sent to Jefferson City to fulfill. Our state faces too many serious problems including our budget shortfall, funding for public education, approving appointments on BOE and replacing the BOE Commissioner. Those should be the focus of our elected officials.

  • Missourians expect and deserve elected leaders who govern at the very least with honesty, integrity, and transparency. If Governor Greitens can’t or won’t fulfill those fundamental expectations, he should step down.

Sample Call Script:

“Hi, my name is __________, I'm a constituent from ___________, and I want Senator/Representative __________ to know I am concerned with the actions of Governor Greitens involving alleged blackmail during his recent extramarital affair. I want to know if Senator/Representative _________ has made a statement condemning this type of behavior?”


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