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As we pause on this Memorial Day to pay tribute to those who bravely fought and died for our freedoms, let us also honor the lives tragically lost to coronavirus. In just the past three months there have been 681 Missouri lives lost and nearly 100,000 COVID-19 deaths across the U.S. (NYTimes May 24)

The consequences of dysfunctional government during a moment of national crisis are painfully on display. Our President’s failure to take responsibility for managing this pandemic has already cost thousands of lives, put millions out of work, and devastated businesses and our economy. With new COVID-19 cases and deaths from coronavirus in Missouri still on the rise and testing not yet widely available, Governor Parson opened up our state on May 4 with little apparent concern for preventing the spread of the virus and protecting lives, placing no restrictions on social gatherings as long as six feet of distance can be maintained. Parson also turned his back on Missouri workers hesitant to put themselves at risk of a deadly virus infection, telling them to go back to work or risk losing their job including Triumph Foods meat-packing plant workers where over 400 asymptomatic workers tested positive for coronavirus KMBC May 5. Our President, our Governor, and our GOP majority state government have failed us when we needed them the most and they continue to put our lives at risk.

As of May 24 there are 11,988 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Missouri and the number is still rising. This is far from over.

We will need YOU as we take action on many critical issues in the coming months including defending Clean Missouri, keeping our elections safe and protecting our right to vote, and the enormous need for get out the vote (GOTV) support for candidates and campaigns to ELECT LEADERS WHO WILL PUT MISSOURI LIVES FIRST!

The 2020 Missouri Legislative session has adjourned for the year. Thanks to calls and emails from YOU many bills that could have proved harmful to Missourians were DEFEATED!!

  • Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 32 would require certain MO HealthNet participants to comply with work and community engagement requirements did NOT pass!

  • Senate Bill SB 600 modifying provisions related to public safety did pass but ALL the risky House gun amendments were DEFEATED! with your help and support of calls to action from the mighty Moms Demand Action - MO!  “Nowadays, everyone is looking for a win —and this is a big one,” said Tara Mueller, a Special Education public elementary school teacher and volunteer leader with the Missouri chapter of Moms Demand Action. “It’s a disgrace that some of our lawmakers thought they could sneak through these extreme and unpopular gun measures during this pandemic. Fortunately, they didn’t get away with it. There is no place for guns in schools, and we’ll keep fighting until lawmakers give up this effort for good.” Everytown For Gun Safety May 15

  • Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 38 also known as “Dirty Missouri” overturning Clean Missouri and bringing back partisan gerrymandering was passed and will go on the ballot this year. Join the fight to help DEFEAT Dirty Missouri HERE!

  • Senate Bill (SB) 631 absentee ballot legislation was passed. Here’s a summary from the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition:  

“In the final moments of the 2020 session, Missouri lawmakers passed SB 631, which allows Missourians to vote by mail in 2020 due to COVID-19. However, unless you are ill or in a high-risk category for COVID-19, the ballot must be notarized. Under SB 631

Voters who are ill or who fall into one of the CDC's high risk categories for COVID-19, can cast absentee ballots under 115.277, Missouri's absentee voting law. Ballots cast for these reasons would not require a notary to sign the ballot envelope.

Other registered voters could cast "mail-in" ballots due to COVID-19 without a reason under a newly created section. Those ballots would need to be notarized.

Voting by mail due to COVID-19 would be limited to elections in 2020 and would expire at year's end.”

JOIN Missouri Voter Protection Coalition TODAY Monday May 18 at 10am for a legislative recap and discussion about several big actions for Missouri Voter Advocates in the coming weeks. To receive the link for joining the MOVPC meeting today and to receive their email updates, TEXT “MOVPC” TO 66866.

On Wednesday May 20 at 6pm join the Missouri House Democrats Facebook livestream “End of Session Debrief: SJR 38” for a discussion of the end of the legislative session, and the implications of the corrupt SJR 38, or "Dirty Missouri." Your hosts will be Minority Leader Rep. Crystal Quade, Rep. Peter Meredith, Rep. Kevin Windham, Rep. Rasheen Alridge, Rep. Bland-Manlove, and special guest Richard Von Glahn with Missouri Jobs with Justice! They will be hosting a panel discussion regarding the repercussions of this legislation during the 2020 election, and will be taking live questions from their Facebook page.

As of May 17 there are 10,789 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Missouri and the number is still rising. This is far from over so please stay safe everyone!

It’s the final week of the Missouri legislative session so we must KEEP UP THE PRESSURE to stop dangerous bills! Tell your State Representative and Senator to focus attention on addressing the coronavirus pandemic and DO NOT PASS the following bills:

  • Bills SB 600, SB 523, and SB 774 all contain an amendment written by Rep. Ron Hicks called the “Keep Our Schools Safe Act” that would require all school protection officers to carry guns in schools. “Any individual designated by a school district as a school protection officer shall carry a concealed firearm and a self-defense spray device in any school in the district.”

More guns in schools do NOT make students safer! Research shows that guns in schools puts our children at greater risk of gun violence. --Everytown for Gun Safety

Also call these key leaders to VOTE NO SB 600, SB 523, SB 774:

  • Senator Doug Libla: 573-751-4843

  • Senator Tony Leutkemeyer (sponsor of SB 600): 573-751-2183

  • Senator Caleb Rowden: 573-751-3931

  • Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz: 573-751-3678

  • Senator John Rizzo: 573-751-3074

  • House Speaker Haahr: 573-751-2210

  • House Minority Floor Leader Crystal Quade: 573-751-3795

  • Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) 38 also known as “Dirty Missouri” would overturn the will of the people and bring back partisan gerrymandering. “Clean Missouri” Amendment 1 passed with overwhelming support. Last week former Republican U.S. Sen. John Danforth condemned this attempt to overturn Clean Missouri, “[T]he Legislature must stop its attempts to overturn voters. If it insists on attacking voters, I will vote no on the legislators’ gerrymandering amendment and encourage every Missouri voter to do the same. The integrity of Missouri’s democracy is at stake.” Tell your electeds DO NOT PASS SJR 38!

  • House Joint Resolution (HJR) 106 sponsored by Rep. Cody Smith R-Carthage Budget Committee Chair 573-751-5458 would add work requirements for some adults in order to receive Medicaid benefits. Jen Bersdale, executive director of Missouri Health Care for All, pointed out over the last two years the Parson administration removed more than 100,000 benefit eligible children from Medicaid rolls due to bureaucratic error. “Why would we even consider adding additional red tape?” The Rolla Daily News Earlier this year an appeals court found federal work requirements for Medicaid recipients in Arkansas to be unconstitutional. Tell Rep. Smith and your electeds DO NOT PASS HJR 106!

And finally, Missouri voters should not have to risk their life or someone else’s to vote! Keep up the pressure on Speaker Elijah Haahr, Governor Parson, and Secretary of State Ashcroft to allow pandemic safety as a valid excuse for absentee voting by mail!

Find your Rep. and Senator by entering your mailing address HERE

Gov Parson office: (573) 751-3222 Email:

SOS Ashcroft office: (573) 751-4936 Email:

As of May 10 there are 9,844 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Missouri and the number is still rising. This is far from over. THANK YOU! for helping to make sure our right to vote in Missouri is protected with safe elections!